How Fonseca's Cleaning Services Works

Browse our list of services and view our flat rate pricing. Select the service you are in need of and book the service.


#2 - CLEAN 

Our trained cleaning and disinfecting professionals will arrive to your home and perform the cleaning service you selected. 


#3 - RELAX

You will be able to reclaim more time for yourself as we take care of your cleaning needs. So go ahead kick back and relax, we got this!

Why Fonseca's Cleaning Services?


Our skilled and trained professionals go above and beyond on every job. Every job is supervised by one of the owners of the company.


Our service prices are available to view here on our website, over the phone or provided for you during our free on site consultation. You will know exactly what the price will be before you book our cleaning services.


We offer free on site consultation to provide you with a cleaning service customized to your needs. We will assign a cleaning team to your home or place of business that will be the same at every service visit. This allows them to grow accustomed to how you like your cleaning to be done.


COVID-19: We take your safety on our cleaners safety seriously and are doing our part to help prevent the spread of viruses. We always use masks, new disposable gloves, disposable shoe covers (per request), and sanitize all supplies and equipment prior to entering you home.


We diligently vet all of our cleaners, who undergo a background check as well as an in-person interview. We are also licensed and insured to provide you peace of mind.


You can reach us via phone, chat, or email. If we can't answer we will get to you in less than 30 minutes during business hours.

(925) 978-9822 

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